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Do you want more traffic?

Of course you do! Who would not want more traffic!

The hard part is, how can you do it?

Choosing the best marketing plan can be quite difficult, as there are so many different tactics to choose from within social media, video marketing, email marketing, SEO, Google Advertising and the list goes on.

Take SEO for example: The Google algorithm has over 200 ranking factors which effect SEO, so it is nearly impossible to choose which ranking factors to work on to increase your SEO score and get up higher on Google.

The same applies for all other marketing strategies, so it is hard to find the right mix to drive your business to its optimal potential.

That is where we at Shoot Audition Media come in. We provide services in:


Video Marketing

And also...

- Full Digital Marketing Strategies
- Content Strategy, including a full range of video marketing packages, copywriting, and graphic design. 
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Social Media
- Paid Advertising
- Simple web design and E-commerce packages.

And the best thing...

Not only do we have the knowledge in all the service areas we provide, but we have years of practical experience in these areas. We have made all the mistakes already so you don’t have to! And along the way, we have learned the right strategies to use to take a business to optimal success.

Our Proof?

A couple of years ago, we started working with ‘Mattress Mick’ – A brand that has gone from zero to a national franchised success today. Our CEO, Paul Kelly, created a viral video strategy for the Mattress Mick brand, which saw Mattress Mick himself reach a celebrity status nationally. The results of these viral campaigns have put Mattress Mick on the first page of Google for over 100 highly competitive keywords including ‘Mattress’ of course which competes with the big brands.

We have an in house SEO consultant Dean Foran, who works together with Paul Kelly and together this year alone, they have tripled the Mattress Mick website traffic.

Take a look for yourself – This is the August 2016

Mattress Mick Website Traffic

And now, one year forward, we have tripled the website traffic - And conversions to go with that.

Mattress Mick website traffic 2017

The bottom line is: We provide video marketing and digital marketing services that will get you results! 

Do you need our help?

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