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Video Production Services

We have the expertise in creating compelling videos that will help you meet your goals. Not only are we able to create amazing videos, but we also have in house experts in SEO who will make sure your video reaches its intended audience.

 General Pricing

Our prices vary depending on the type of video you are looking for. Generally, we charge €450 per day for camera and sound, and €150 for every day it will take to edit. We have included rough prices to give you an idea of what we charge for different video productions below – All videos include search engine optimisation (SEO).

 1) Video Ads

You get a 30 second – 3 minute video. Inclusive in the video: your business name, images, website url. You can give us a script or we can write one for you – scripts will be fully SEO optimised. Use these videos for your VIDEO SEO, Social Media Marketing, Youtube page, Google Places profile, your website and more.

 Guide Price: €300 - €1000 (Prices may vary depending on production)

 2) Studio Videos - Business Overview/ Services Explainer Videos / Sales Presentation Videos

We handle the entire production of your Company Overview or Sales Presentation video from start to finish! We provide the actor/actress (unless you would like to do it yourself), green screen, and insert the background of your choice. We design and write your SEO optimized script to both instantly engage your website visitors, effectively convey to them what you do to help them and get them more interested in your business and looking through the rest of your website and buying what you sell. Includes 1 minute of completed video.

Guide Price: €300 - €1000 (Prices may vary depending on production)

3) Custom Video

Whatever it is that you have in mind, we can do it! We are experienced in providing all types of business videos from commercials, to product reviews. We also provide videos for the arts community, whether it is a music video or actors show reel. For custom videos, get in touch with us today for quote. 

Guide Price: €200 - €1000 (Prices may vary depending on production)